New Trekking Destination

You could travel for a lifetime in Nepal and there would still be more to Discover, Taste and Experience. An immense diversity within 1, 47,181 sq. km boundary! That is why every year more then +200,000 people are visiting Nepal to explore and to experience the beauty of Himalayas Kingdom.

Since the 1960s when Col Jimmy Robert's organized the first commercial trek. Nepal has attracted  more then +200,000 people every year for propose of trekking and high expedition or any other adventure activities around Nepal.  From around the world High Mountain Climbing, Peak Climbing, Trekking or any other adventure activities starting from moderate to Extreme has been leading tourists activity of Nepal. Among more thanThousands of visitors some doing a few days of hiking while others take on a month long trek through valleys and high mountain himalayan passes. Everest and Annapurna Two the most popular trekking regions of Nepal. The most challenging is the Great Himalayan Trails, an extensive trail system that covers Nepal from Humla and Darchula in the west to Kanchenjunga in the East. While many different popular trails can be followed while trekking  in Nepal such as, The Langtang and Kanchenjunga regions. The diversity of trekking trails in Nepal cannot be found in any other part of the world. In fact, the lowest point in Nepal is 59 m above sea-level in the Tarai region while the highest point is Everest, 8,848 m above sea-level, the Two points being only 200.KM apart as the crow flies.

Nepal is an ideal place for adventure, spiritual cleansing and cultural encounters. You can enroll in trekking, mountaineering, hikes, rafting, and jungle safari. Also, if you wish to enroll in the ethnic and cultural celebrations then the diverse terrain offers you best memories. In recent years, Nepal has become one of the most popular adventure  destinations in the world. 

Home to eight out of fourteen highest Mountain and great geographical varieties, The distinctive contrast in altitude and varied geography makes Nepal a perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts.

While most of the trails are discovered decades ago, some isolated parts are just opened and some are yet to be explored. Though new, these places have been able to gain immense fame among trekkers.

These newly discovered Trekking trails in Nepal take trekkers to the remote and isolated part of Himalayas; where the ancient traditions are still way of life and the nature is still intact. Your visit to these new trails mentioned below means you are contributing for positive changes in local community and environment. Eco-friendly lodges operated by locals with well-equipped accommodation and food makes new destination trekking more than perfect experience of a lifetime.

How New Trekking Trails in Nepal are discovered?

Nepal Tourism Board have surveyed many off-beat trails that have the potential to see the flocks of travelers. These trails are highly isolated and the only way to develop them is via tourism. They collaborated with local community and make a plan to promote it; but in a sustainable manner.

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