Tashidelek and Namaste To All......

I hope my short statements finds you and your entire family’s Safe and Healthy out their especially while the entire planet Earth is suffering through COVID-19 Pandemic.

Definitely the worlds do have capable Doctors, Medical research teams who have been giving their 100% Day and Night effort for the cure to balanced Life in this earth and maintain the unstable situation going through we all people. till then I guess we all just need to calm and keep patience with finger crossed cause normalcy is what the entire planet has been wishing and expecting and i hope and wish that the day comes very sooner. 

After every dark night their is a beautiful day so definitely this dark moment will also be over as dark night. We, Xtreme Climbers entire family's members and team express our heartfelt condolences to those family's and entire human lives who have lost their lives because of Pandemic COVID-19. ......PEACE.....

Avoid social distance to secure each other by helping each other 

Stay Happy and Healthy…… Stay Safe…… Keep Smiling:)
"If Not Today, Never Tomorrow"  


Xtreme Climbers,
Your Adventure Travel Partner around Himalaya's starting from Moderate to Extreme.
Thank you all for your Trust and all time support. We look forward to seeing you very soon.
With much love and best blessings to you and All.

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